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Culture & Capability / Indigenous Culture Support

The Culture & Capability / Indigenous Culture Support program has a dual focus. The program’s function is to support and build the capacity and leadership of individuals, communities and organisations, within South West Queensland, whilst also advocating the healing process for Indigenous people through maintaining, protecting and promoting Indigenous Culture.


With the implementation of different projects and activities, the program’s purpose is to ensure the oldest living culture in the world is preserved and shared.

Under this program the South West Qld Indigenous Cultural Trail was founded. The Cultural Trail is a collaborative project between SAC and other Indigenous communities in South West Queensland begun in 2012 out of conversations between Angie Walsh and Jenny Waters from St George, to interpret and promote Aboriginal heritage in the region. Other Indigenous stakeholders around South West Queensland were approached by Angie over the next four years and signed up to the project. Funding from the Murray Darling Basin Economic Diversion Fund was sourced in 2015 to engage consultants to help to develop a brochure and website. In 2016, the University of Southern Queensland Community Futures team was engaged for a year to assist SAC with this aspect of the Trail project.  SAC is now developing the next stages of the Indigenous Cultural Trail project, including promotions through presentations at conferences and forums, developing an informational cultural tourism workshop to be delivered around the South West, and plans for a showcase Conference in 2020 of projects along the Trail.

Encompassing workshop style learning and development opportunities for Indigenous people within the region, the Culture & Capability / Indigenous Support Officer engages with many organisations and stakeholders throughout Queensland including Schools & Tertiary Institutions, Local Government, Qld Health and non-government organisations.


Funded by: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet; Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Fund.

Safety & Wellbeing

The primary focus of the Safety and Wellbeing program is to improve the health, social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous people, especially teenagers and young adults. Working with local Indigenous organisations and other services across the region, the program facilitates workshops and events to address and raise awareness on a range of issues including (but not limited to):

  • Drug & Alcohol awareness

  • Mental Health

  • Social & emotional wellbeing

  • Community Safety and family violence, and

  • Depression and suicide ideation


The program also delivers and supports a broad range of sport and recreation activities within the Maranoa region to schools and communities including Healthy Cultural Sports Days in which traditional games are incorporated.

Exercise programs and links and referrals to mainstream & Indigenous services also form part of this program.


Funded by: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Children & Schooling

With a focus on supporting families, the Children & Schooling program aims to ensure Indigenous children within the Maranoa region get a good start to life.

Improved early childhood development and learning, improved literacy and numeracy, school readiness, school attendance and school retention all form part of the program’s primary function. In ensuring children are well cared for, the Children & Schooling Officer's role is to encourage and provide support to families.

Examples of projects and activities that have been developed and implemented under this program include (but are not limited to):

  • Indigenous Playgroups

  • Mums and Bubs Reading

  • Healthy Lunches

  • Breakfast Club

  • After School Homework Club  


Funded by: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

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