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Welcome to the Team!

This month, the SAC team welcomed Tracey Porter as she commenced in the position of Safety & Wellbeing Officer.

Tracey brings with her, a diverse set of transferable skills which she has gained throughout her working career.

She is full of enthusiasm and we can't wait to see Tracey thrive as she jumps into this new challenge!

In this role, Tracey will be responsible for the Safety & Wellbeing Program where her focus will be on improving the health, social and emotional wellbeing of Indigenous Communities within the Maranoa region.

Through deliverable programs, workshops, information days and preventative initiatives, pressing issues impacting the safety and wellbeing of Indigenous people and their communities will be addressed.

Tracey will facilitate a broad range of sport and recreational activities and provides links and referrals to mainstream Community & Indigenous services.

If you would like to know more about Tracey and the Safety & Wellbeing program, please do not hesitate to contact her on 4626 5288 or

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