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SAC Bloopers - Take 1

The coronavirus pandemic has challenged people and organisations in unprecedented ways. From self-isolation and social distancing to working from home and home schooling, COVID-19 has changed how we work, play and learn. For many, the pandemic has had even further-reaching and quite devastating effects with loss of work and even more tragically, loss of loved ones, as the total number of confirmed deaths from COVID-19 in Australia reached 102 as of March 23.

Despite South West Queensland having no confirmed cases, with no cure or medical means of preventing the virus, we’ve all had to adhere to strong restrictions in order to help keep the most vulnerable people in our community safe. In what felt like seconds, schools were temporary closed, sports and community events cancelled, and family gatherings postponed, leaving many understandably stressed, confused, and frightened.

In fact, it’s been a roller-coaster journey over the past few months with experts acknowledging the physical, social and emotional strains the pandemic has brought.

BUT in life, we’re going to be thrown curve balls and unfortunately there are often circumstances that fall outside our control. In these instances, it’s how we respond that is important; how we choose to deal with the situation and what steps we consciously take to change the way we feel about it.

At SAC, we’ve been doing our best to stay positive, keep active and take care of ourselves and family whilst also striving to achieve our goals. Admittedly, the goal posts have slightly moved but as a team, we’ve chosen to take the challenge head on and adjust where needed. It hasn’t been easy and there have been some interesting times, but for us, it’s all about attitude, working together and having a willingness to give new things a go!

This includes getting in front of the camera! As we’ve been unable to physically meet, we’ve had to deliver our programs and provide support online. Now, none of us have had any experience with filming or being in front of a camera, so needless to say, we had to step outside our comfort zone. In saying that, we’ve also had some fun along the way!

So, here’s some special behind the scenes footage and a little insight into our work life over the past couple months. We hope you enjoy it and have a laugh with us! After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

The COVID-19 pandemic is by no means over yet and the health of our community, staff and families will always be our highest priority. As we move into the next phase of lifted restrictions, some of our group programs will recommence, but don’t worry, we’ll also continue to provide online content – so watch this space for “SAC Bloopers - Take 2”!

Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Stay Deadly.

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