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Health Awareness for Rural Communities

SAC held a community health awareness session in collaboration with the South West Hospital and Health Service earlier this month, to raise awareness among Surat residents regarding health services available to rural and remote communities.

Committed to providing quality, dependable, safe and sustainable healthcare, the South West Hospital Health Service team were eager to share information about their health services to the Surat community.

SAC Manager, Jessica Walsh stated, "it is important for Surat residents to know there are health services within our area that can provide support and healthcare to them.

"These interactive sessions are all about raising awareness and informing the community of services that can not only help improve their health, but quality of life.

"It's a great opportunity for community members to ask any questions they have face-to-face and interact with service providers," she said.

If you would like any further information on the community health awareness session or upcoming SAC activities, please contact us on 46265288 or

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