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Cash Free Tooth Fairy Ideas that won’t disappoint!

For generations the Tooth Fairy has been graciously flying into our kids’ bedrooms to take away fallen baby teeth tucked under pillows in exchange for money. Although it’s difficult for anyone to comprehend why on earth the Tooth Fairy would want baby teeth from children around the world, it’s a charming tradition that evokes the imagination and leaves smiles on little faces.

It also creates the perfect opportunity to help kids learn more about taking care of their teeth!

So last week at Playgroup we did just that and invited the Tooth Fairy to join us and talk about oral hygiene and the importance of looking after your child’s teeth.

Tooth Fairy Visits Surat

It was a fun filled morning with the Tooth Fairy who was all too happy to share her centuries of experience and knowledge (a special thanks to Lisa Ribbion, Senior Orla Health Therapist, District Oral Team South West Hospital).  .

With the ‘going rate’ for a baby tooth a hot topic of discussion however, and the concern some parents had for the rising financial strain on the Tooth Fairy, we came up with 5 Cashless Tooth Fairy Ideas to try at home with your little one.

#1 – New Adventure / Special Treat

Instead of gifts, give your kids memories to commemorate the loss of a tooth. Take them out for a special treat; start a tradition of finding somewhere new or doing a special activity every time they lose a tooth. Keep it a surprise and ask the Tooth Fairy to leave a little note with a clue.

#2 – Playful Toothbrush

Now that your little one will have a new tooth growing, they should pay special attention to oral hygiene, and what better way to encourage brushing than with a fun new toothbrush from the Tooth Fairy. It you can find their favourite Disney Character – even better!

Dinsey Character Tooth brush. Photo credit: Smile Maker

#3 – Temporary Tattoos or Stickers

Kids love temporary tattoos and as per real ones, can have a meaningful element to them. The Tooth Fairy could leave her calling card of a temporary tattoo that your child will love with each visit. Or if you’d prefer, use stickers and start a scrap book, adding a photo each time a baby tooth falls out.

#4 – New Book

Now this is something your child’s Dentist and English Teacher will both approve of! Gifting a book with your child’s favourite character when they lose a tooth will not only help your kids learn to love reading, it will provide for a special commemorative gift that will last much longer than some loose change. Write a little note in the front of the book from the Tooth Fairy for that extra special touch.

#5 – Fairy Dust

Embrace the magic of the Tooth Fairy by leaving a special jar of glitter for your little one. This is a fantastic and whimsical alternative to leaving cash under a pillow.

Tooth Fairy Dust. Photo credit: Pinterest

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