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#BuyIndigenous this Christmas

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner?

Trees are already up and decorated; fairy lights have been hung and letters written to Santa. ‘Elf on the Shelf’ has found his way back to social media and Mariah Carey has started reminding us what we all want for Christmas!

In other words, the festive season and all its glory is here.

Arriving with it, is the biggest period on the Australian retail calendar as Aussies flock to the shops to purchase presents, fresh food and other goods for the Christmas season. It is also for many small retailers across the nation, a vital time of the year as a bumper Christmas harvest not only has a positive impact on their bottom-line but helps sustain operations during quieter periods.

This Christmas, instead of looking towards the large retail stores, why not consider purchasing a meaningful gift or present with purpose from not just a smaller business, but an authentic Australian Indigenous business or retailer?

Indigenous business is an essential part of Australia’s economy, creating outsized benefits for Indigenous Australians and empowering Indigenous communities to generate and grow their economic prosperity.

To make it easy for you, we’ve sourced some amazing gifts your family and friends will love! Best of all, you’ll know your well-earned cash isn’t helping a CEO buy a third holiday home but benefiting Indigenous communities across Australia.

It’s a win, win!

Kakadu Tiny Tots

A wholly Australian owned company, Kakadu Tiny Tots creates authentic aboriginal clothing, accessories and artwork that is not only designed by traditional owners of Kakadu National Park but handcrafted in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

Click here to find out more and shop their wonderful range of products.

Native Secrets

Launched in 2014, Native Secretes was created to share Indigenous culture and ancestral stories of medicinal flora and fauna. Today, using native plants such as Gumby, White Cypress, Quandong and Gideya, Native Secrets combines traditional medicinal practice with everyday products; providing the highest quality natural skincare.

Click here to learn more about their story and shop their impressive skincare range.


More than just a streetwear label, FLANNO is making good clothes for a good cause. Made for those who believe a quick chat with a mate can last a lifetime, their ultimate purpose is to lower the suicide rates in Australia, with half of all profits going directly to organisations within the Mental Health & Suicide Prevention space. “FLANNO, it’s the shirt that’s got your back.”

Click here to see how they’re making a difference and shop the range.


Reflective in style to many traditional engraved artworks found throughout the Hunter Region and Wonaruah country, Saretta artworks are connected to country in character and design through the use of a sand based medium. Selling a range of artworks, homewares, fashion, décor and cushion covers, Saretta's artwork aims to evoke emotion, enhance connection to spirit and country, and invite the viewer to ponder, dig deeper and experience something new.

Click here to find out more and shop the amazing range of Saretta products.

Eurah Australia

Manufacturing health products using local bush medicinal plants from the Gomeroi Nation, Eurah Australia sells wild harvested honey and tea with anticipation to create opportunities for community and improve country.

Click here to find out more and purchase your very own wild harvested honey and tea.

Planet Corroboree

A beautiful ethical trader in the heart of Byron Bay, Plant Corroboree sells a unique range of authentic Aboriginal artefacts, arts, crafts, jewellery and gorgeous gifts, purchased directly from artist and honourable businesses carrying a special energy of connection to community and country. Whilst ensuring the intellectual property rights of all art and artists they work with, Plant Corroborre invites all to experience stories and history through the art and hand-crafted treasures they sell.

Click here to view their story and wide product range.

Dhunuwi Wa Durrgan

Creating opportunities for all people to find wellness in mind, body and spirit, Dhunuwi Wa Durrgan believe all people can achieve greatness when equipped with the right tools. Aiming to be a global leader in self-development, their products and services are sourced ethically from within Australia, including affirmation cards, yoga accessories and online workshops.

Click here to shop their range of products and find out how Dhunuwi Wa Durrgan are pursuing their passion of culture, peace and health.

There are of course so many more wonderful, unique Indigenous businesses not mentioned here, that create and sell incredible products, so please share them with us. We’d love to promote all kinds of Indigenous Businesses and in turn, support, empower and advance Indigenous communities across Australia.

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